Clanstead is the homeplace for the McClains of the Kimbrough - McClain union.  We are located where the plains meet the Rockies at 7,300 feet elevation in an area known as Black Forest which is just North of Colorado Springs.

The name Clanstead was coined by George Lenox Crookham, Jr. of Caldwell, Idaho to denote a family value of respect for our antecedents.  Clanstead denotes not only the McClain and Kimbrough clans, but also the d'Scala (Scales) and MacDonald clans from the Kimbrtough side, the descendants of Clyde E. McClain of Twin Falls, Idaho and the Crookham family and Steunenberg family of Caldwell, Idaho.  We honor our heritage.

The original Clanstead was a 6 acre Organic Farm in Dutchess County, New York, near Poughkeepsie.  That site was purchased by Alice Ann Kimbrough and Malcolm E. McClain as their intended homeplace following their marriage.  The house was an overseer's cottage of a fruit growing plantation and was believed to have been built in colonial times.  We found it interesting that the location was not too far from the Connecticut home of the Lenox family in the colonial and revolutionary times.