Named for the union of the Kimbrough and McClain clans, by a great uncle, the name has stuck.  The Kimbrough side stems from Alice Ann Kimbrough McClain, born in Amarillo, Texas from the union of Harris MacDonald Kimbrough Sr. and Jewel Scales Kimbrough.  We honor the MacDonald clan for two reasons:  the apparent lineage through the Kimbrough side and the ancient alliance between the MacLaine Clan of Lochbuie with the MacDonalds as cited in "Clan MacLaine of Lochbuie" by Charles McClain.

Clanstead is home to the McClain family:  Malcolm, Doug, and Alison (Kim) McClain.  Malcolm was born in Spokane, Washington in 1939 to Donald E. McClain and Edith Crookham McClain.  Malcolm's brother, John, was born in 1942.

Douglas was born in New York City in 1970.

Kim was born in Caldwell, Idaho in 1971.

Donald E. McClain grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho.  He was the son of Clyde E. and Birdella Smith McClain.  He had 3 sisters:  Elisabeth McClain Murphy, Margret McClain Crawford, and Birdella McClain Towers.

Edith was the second child of George Lenox Crookham, Sr. and Grace Steunenberg Crookham.  The family home was in Caldwell, Idaho.  There is some history about the Steunenbergs